Underwater services

Underwater service is a limited-service provider which provides diving services. Their divers are certified by the association of diving contractors, and they have an excellent safety record.

Underwater services provide mechanical skills that enhance safety and quality maintenance of all needs underwater, such as marine construction, underwater coating, water cleaning, hydro blasting, structural repairing, contaminated diving service, Salvage diving service, valves installation, and underwater welding.Salvage diving services. These services are associated with the recovery of ships, aircraft, ship cargoes, and other vessels that might have fallen into the water.

The majority of salvage diving services perform commercial and military work, which depends on the type of the diving contract and its purpose.Inspection services. These services help utilize remote inspection to reduce troubleshooting problems and avoid unnecessary equipment distraction using machinery such as optical cameras, push-rods, and industrial applications. Also, these inspection services are used in tank inspection, object removal, turbine inspection, fiber probes, steam lead cleaning, exploiting proof camera, and pipe deflection measurement.Contaminated diving service. This service helps in promoting emergency response in this service with a proven track record and safety.

Service providers certify their employees to perform the chemical and nuclear industry, thus promoting sewer driving, nuclear planting, leak, repair inspection, sludge removal, and water treatment.Plant maintenance services. These are professional inspection service which offers installation and repair. It also helps in innovating solutions in underwater and underground projects. They also have machinery and shop work to assist in pump maintenance, tunnel cleaning, confined space repair, pipe rehabilitation, pressure washing, and mussel treatment systems.Underwater painting and coating. These service provides virtual marine and underwater installment. Also, offer anti-corrosion coating, which helps prevent rusting through the coating, painting, sealing, and water epoxy.Tank diving services. These service helps in tank covering, repair, and maintenance. These maintenances are done by certified and qualified divers. Their tasks include clearing of deep wells, valve installation, elevating wells, and substructure repair.